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DAY 1 : Time Capsule, Sungai Lembing

Hallo my should-be-covered-with-spider-webs-blog!!! Long time no see and update. After changing jobs from Switch to Don Kaiten, my leisure time was reduced drastically. Because of the working hours. That's a whole blog post on it's own. I have plans! Hopefully I have the time. And the mood to blog about it. 

I quit my job at the Japanese restaurant and went away for 4 days and 3 nights with my family and boyfriend. And here I am, finally blogging about it after procrastinating for erm... how many days? Let's see... We reached home on Sunday and today's errrr Thursday. So that means 4 days have passed wtf. Okay. Finally have day 1's picture up and I'm readddyyy to blog. Let's go!

It's Monday today and I started blogging on Thursday. Another 4/5 days of procrastination added. AWESOME

So this is DAY 1, where we left the house at 9am to Sungai Lembing, Pahang.

Compulsory selfie before we start our journey wtf

The estimated 3 hour journey dragged on to about 6 hours because we made a few stops to the toilet and for lunch. Most of the things and names are blurry already...

Scared the crap out of me when I get no 3G. Because we're lost without Waze

I think I remember a place called Temerloh (I have no idea what we did there or where did we stop) and then we had lunch at Mentakab. 

This, I am sure because there's pictures! Hallelujah for cameras. Or else I wouldn't be able to remember what I ate and where and when. Lol. After about 4 hours in the car, we all grew hungry and were lost at what to eat since we have never been to this area before. 

Ahhhhh I remember now. We were at Temerloh when we decided that we should find something to eat. Smartly, I went to google to look for good food and came across someone's blog saying that there's good food at a certain Restaurant Jui Moon about 15km away. Dad (the driver) was obviously hungry and cranky and was cursing so I hurriedly gave him directions using Waze. Thank god Waze has the directions to this place. And then we drove to Mentakab where the restaurant is. Now, at this moment I was really nervous because I wasn't sure if this restaurant is open for lunch or not because the blogger went at dinner time. 

We reached and thank goodness it's open for lunch too. This place is fully air conditioned and is the fancy kinda chinese restaurant what with all the red table cloth, peanuts as appetizers and tiny aquariums where they keep live fishes to be cooked upon order. We ordered the restaurant's special dish and a dish of veggies, tofu, a bowl of coconut jelly and another bowl of black sesame bean curd.

Desserts are inside a glass cooler. Self service for desserts. You point out the ones you want and bring it to your table. We had desserts before our meal because we can were too hungry.

 Half eaten coconut jelly. Very pang (fragrant) because they added santan. Superly yummy

 Logo says Black Beancurd but guess what? It's off white, not black #asiansigns
 Mum, dad and bf says it's nice. Idk because I don't eat beancurd. Yuck look at this half eaten mess

 Ze nice veggie with mushrooms! Ohnomnomnom

 Tofu. Thank goodness for mum and Jia Wei. I wouldn't know how to order because they have so many different cooking styles for tofu alone.

 Specialty dish. I think this is mihun/meesua and of course HUUGGEEEE prawns

 On my plate #round1. Btw this picture doesn't do the prawn justice. It looks small in this picture but actually it's really big. So satisfying to finally eat such a big prawn. Normally when you're eating a succulent and juicy prawn and before you know it, you swallowed the last of it already. This is different. This is enough for a greddy pig like me :D

 Jelly and fruits! We didn't order this, they just send it to our table. Hmmm wonder if they charge us for it or not. Got the bill also I dunno how to read wtf

 Pardon me if I'm wrong but WAHHHHH their specialty dish is so expensive neh. Maybe it's the big ass prawns. 

After all the food, we're back to the car. Another hour away from Sungai Lembing


 For the record, I didn't make him do this pose. He's as vain as me. MUAHAHAHAH I love you

 Taking a nice selfie on my own...

 ... and saw a slight pouty/jealous/abandoned face

 Heheheheh my cute and easily jealous honey

Don't be angry okay?

A little nudge anddddd

 We're back. HAHAHAHAH

 Okay. I shall stopz. Because I know this is annoying. You all just want to see the Time Capsule right? Hahahhhaa it's otw la

 Suddenly I haz 1 post only. Hahhaha bad 3G connection

Follow Waze or the signboards, off the highway, into a 2 lane road. This road is really deep inside but don't worry. This is paved road I'm talking about. Just keep going straight ahead until you see the sign Welcome/Selamat Datang ke Sungai Lembing. You'll see a small police station on your left and then straight ahead, a HUGGGEEEEE tree. Just drive pass it and go straight ahead until you see a playground and Muzium Sungai Lembing. And then there's a small slope on the left, go up and follow the road up and then on your right you can see the Tin Mining, just keep going along, you'll be going downhill a little and then you'll be able to see the Time Capsules on your left.

 TADAHHHHHHH we are here!!!! The cottage of Time Capsule Retreat

 And the time capsules
 There are 8 capsules for you to choose from and there are 2 types. More on that later on.

 Another group there plucking mangosteen. The friendly owners, Mr and Mrs Tan welcomed us to try picking them and eat them. 

 "Hurry eat them before they turn bad" 

 Acting all shy lol

 Mum and dad

 Incomplete family picture. We'll come back together with you jie!

 Me and my honey 

 Mum and dad who are very fascinated with all the beautiful wood there

 Here you can see each capsule has an aircond unit. Woot woot!

Mrs Tan took us to the little town to let us know the things we need to know about Sungai Lembing. It's a very small town and everything is just a stone's throw away from each other. Food, muzium, Panorama Hill, you know where is each place located. You wouldn't get lost. Even if you do, you can find your way after walking for a few minutes. It's as easy as ABC. Seriously. For someone like me who doesn't have any sense of direction, this town is easy peasy. 

 Nice pau. Char siew pau with hard boiled egg

 Rojak. It has a slight different taste from the ones we have back here in Klang. So said mum and dad and Jia Wei because I don't eat rojak as well wtf

 Mothers bonding lol. Mrs Tan has a daughter named Michelle as well. I know because the blue file she brings with her says "Form 4 Physics Michelle" lol

 The old and rustic town of Sungai Lembing. So peaceful and quiet *sigh*

 Mrs Tan brought us here to see how they make noodles but then we were told that they only make them in the morning. So people, be here by 8am to watch the magic.

Biscuit shop next door. We bought 3 packets of something. (No idea what's it called) but it looks and tastes like sak kei ma, only it's not chopped up into pieces and mashed together with maltose. I'm not making any sense am I? Oh wells, it's the first picture right after the bridge in the signboard. I prefer the maltose/sugar one as compared to the black sesame one which is a little salty?

 Oh hai. My 3/4 opened eyes

 Ze famous hanging bridge! But it's kinda broken. i.e unsafe to cross over. And it's the dry season, that's why the river's not filled up

 But who cares? We still took pictures :D 

 Do I have to?

 *smiles* who dares to ignore mum's orders?

 Spotted a really cute doggie. He looks brown but we think it's an awfully dirty white dog

 Mrs Tan brought us here! Not that I know the name of this place, but it looks so interesting

 Rooms in containers

 Toilets are colour-coded and available at both ends. 

 Inside one of the containers. Aircond, bunk beds, drinking water, (seriously) mini fridge and socket points

 Clean white sheets

 Cute newspaper curtains. Oh! And a mirror lol

 Towels and plenty of luggage space

 Barbeque pit

 Main office/building... ummm hut?

Then, we're back to Time Capsule Retreat to take more pictures #vain

 We (rather, I) faced a dilemma of choosing which type of capsule we wanna stay in.

Option A : Opaque door with a great view on the other side (glass pane right behind the bed headboard)

This is the door from inside (AIRCONDDDD!!!)


 Option B : Glass door with a white concrete brick wall on the other side
See the white brick wall? Soooo vintage but classy. Aircond on top in this case

Mr and Mrs Tan recommended that we stay in 1 of each type of capsule so that we can visit each other and experience both capsules. Or, stay in the former said capsule (Option A) because either way, we will be standing outside the capsule to take picture of the shadow effect and they will turn on the lights for us to take pictures regardless of which capsule we decide to stay in.

So we opted for the one with the great view :D Thinking that we can wake up to the bright sunlight. But we were so wrong wtf. Hahhhahaha this little story shall continue on in the next post. Watch out for DAY 2!

Compulsory posing in front of our room shot

Imagine if Pokeball was this big. Pokeball, I choose you! *face smacked on the wall*

Just love the white walls, the white sheets, and the simplicity 

Posing. Macam yes

 Behold! The ghost has landed

 Those puppy eyes I fall for everyday

 Ah Tek, our tour guide who will be bringing us to the Rainbow Waterfall the next day came to see if we're fit to go. Oh and he is also very good at making stones stand upright

 Concentration and steady hands *nobody move a muscle*

 So cool *thumbs up*

He came in his Toyota Hillux with a basket of mangosteens and duku langsat

 Guess who's super excited?

 Smiling and posing mid-eating

 Anddddd back to eating. Sorry mum, your expression and body language is too funny I cannot not post HAHAHAHAHAH

 So happy again lol

 I'm with you ma!

So after Ah Teck left, we proceeded to camwhore somemore.

More of the beautiful place. You're welcome

As you can see, (if you can't nevermind, I tell you) there's 4 capsules with the glass doors and another 4 with the great glass view on the other side. Hope you readers get what I mean

Ohaiiiiii catttttt. Why you so stunning with your blue eyes?

 She's so pretty. Right? RIGHT???

Like a superstar. Got humans want to take picture with her also lehhhh

Cat's superfan award goes to mum lol

And mum's not even an animal person. Owwwhhhh what magic do you posses cat?

CNY greetings from me wtf

Timer focus... Why you so smart? Lol wanted to ignore photobomb mum there but then this happened

One with one of the lights on! You people still aren't tired of seeing the capsules right?

Sorry, we must! #ourgenerasi #must #selfie #with #anything #and #everything #including #huge #pipes

You can climb up the ladder to sit/stand on the capsule to take pictures or jump off them or do whatever you like. I'm kidding. Don't kill yourself here and spoil people's vacation

Who is this? I dunno you

Storage compartment - under the bed. Don't worry, it's clean and free from monsters
Things on the bed because we're too excited to clear them away although they look very ugly

 All cleared up - LIKE A BOSS

Momma and me

After a clean and warm shower

Night view

Inside the cottage

One of  the rooms in Time Capsule Retreat Cottage. White walls and sheets. Simple, comfortable, clean and nice

Aunty purposely opening the rooms for us to take a look

Biggest room here I think. With 3 queen or king sized bed and a toilet

Ze toilet

Love the pail lights *see what I did there?*

Then off we go to have dinner in town just 3 minutes away. Super near and easy to get there. Don't worry, you won't get lost.

Our vegetarian dinner which was pretty good and cheap. These 3 plates and 3 drinks only cost RM18?

Then we walked across the road into a wood shop to look at... wood. Lol aunties who are interested in buying chopping board, come come, mari mari.
I was a little bored. But look who's excited about wood? 

Back to the capsulessssssssssssss!!!! Woohoooo time for some magic

Testing the fairy dust
Awesome night view
Dad working the Davinci Code pose

Mum and dad

We had a good time laughing at dad's beer belly. This is the second take with him sucking it all in

Our turn and the dinosaurs failed at taking pictures hahaha

Testing shot once again to show them how the magic works

Cheesiness under the moonlight

The tango and the erm... Idk

Wanted to hold a flower but there was none so he used a weed
And then decided it's not obvious enough so he went all Lion King mode. Hahhahahah cat was scratching him lol

Out of ideas. We're the most uncreative batch. Me thinks
The most pleasant thing I see before I close my eyes

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lights off and we recharged for a new adventure the next day! More on the upcoming post.


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